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tv   7 News Now at 430 AM  ABC  October 13, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MDT

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deputies in arapahoe county looking for a person who shot a teenager and took off. the 17-year old is expected to asurvive. this happened around midnight on florida avenue. deputies are looking for two black men who took off in a yesterday was chilly. same today? >> we said skies were clearing yesterday at noon. i hate when we're wrong. no, it was a pesky cloud cover today. today patchy fog early on and by the afternoon more sunshine. clearing by mid morning today. with the sun it's getting warmer. low to mid 70s between noon and 2:00. nice day here in denver.
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tonight. here's what that looks like on futurecast. we should get more sunshine today. cover. yesterday's cloud %- denver 75. more 60s in the mountains. platville 76 and in castle rockk 71 s. here's your first alert. warmer today and tomorrow, detas coming up. . this is a look at i-25 and washington widd op you head into downtown. let's look at the maps dealing with typical construction around 5:00 this morning including the bridge project. the rest of your drive really in the green. looking good at dia. pena boulevard, looking good. this is a look from i-25 and logan, smooth in both directions. denver police are investigating a shooting.
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this is late last night south on ga lee na. our photographer saw a body in the street. when we learn more we will pass it along. we are learning more about the school bus driver who died in the crash at dia. they say the coroner might have passed out behind the wheel because of her enlarged heart. the legacy high school football crash. everyone else survived. denver police are trying to make things safer and more appealing for you. nicole brady is looking at the plans this morning. >> reporter: this stretch of colfax east of the capital has some of the highest crime rates in denver. but if you look across the street, there's a burg and pizza restaurant and businesses
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you. denver police committed an extra 100 hours per week of foot and bike patrols on grant all the way to joes feign. 0. >> it's residents that live in the community. >> reporter: coming up at 5:00 this morning, i'll tell you about some of the recent problems that have people fed up and why they're doing increased patrols. for now, life on east colfax, nicole brady, cbs4 news.
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some students at boulder high are nervous. >> i don't see how people can say that and not feel guilty. >> they say they will continue teaching social justice and equality among all students. see if you two guys. denver police say these two were checking out a house and possibly planned to come back and steal something. someone scared them off before they could break in the house. a former cu player in trouble again. nathaniel robinson is in trouble again. the suspicious device we
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this shows investigators safely detonating it at neglecter lands neglecter lands -- -- nederlands. this is just a quaint town. doesn't make any sense to us. >> local business leaders are coming togeer ways to make the area safer. this morning our investigation team is looking into a possible cover up by colorado leaders. >> more than 1,000 of the state's convicted criminals started reporting to a new parole office in aurora and the state didn't inform the
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0. >> reporter: this is some of what our hidden cameras discovered outside this aurora police building. he's a veteran employee of the state department of corrections. >> we have an obligation to be honest and transparent with the public. >> reporter: he's asked us to alter his voice and sdies his identity because he wants to keep his job. he's talking about this internal e-mail obtained by denver seven investigates written by a patrol manager. >> it states, "i've been informed the ten innocents in the building don't know what we do". >> reporter: an e-mail asking statt employees to conceal the truth.
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of patrol lees. >> sex offenders and gang members violent offenders. >> reporter: it includes this line -- "those tenants were told by property managers that we are a state advocacy group. >> is that office a state advocacy group or parole offense? >> parole office. >> so that memo is not transparent. >> i don't >> reporter: sources tell us and documents confirm on the days our hidden cameras were in the parking lot, nearly five- dozen sex offenders reported each day. >> the information that was given ourt certainly comes across as disingenuous. >> it's been very uncomfortable for a lot of people in the
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young children and sits above the state's new parole office. >> they jeopardize people, students, and families just for their purposes. that's sad. >> we have kids in the building. they should have let us know who would be around. >> reporter: we shared the memo. >> i've been informed the other tenants in the building do not know exactly what we do. >> reporter: what's your reaction to what you read? i feel lied to. certainly. i don't feel like they were honest. the state has a duty to be honest with us. >> reporter: the state also failed to disclose the office was opening across the street from this playground. department managers received no notification. a playground where unsupervised children play nearly every day. >> a mismatch?
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>> when role officcrs get the badge, do they take a pledge to be honest? >> yes. >> reporter: she manages the manager who wrote the memo. >> they must tell the truth all the time. that's my expectation. >> reporter: fudging the truth acceptable? >> no, sir. >> reporter: it also includes "i anticipate the truth will be revealed at some point but i would like to stress as low key as possible. possibly an explanation for this fact. the signs out front say only "state of colorado" and not parole office. >> absolutely. how it looks? %- >> reporter: parole officers are outraged there was this game to fool the other tenants. >> it's interesting that our conversations always get to a point where my staff are outraged and call you and they
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that's a problem. >> reporter: i think your office took a credibility hit with that memo. is that fair? >> i would understand the perception of that for sure, yes. >> reporter: roberts says she was unaware of the memo written by her top manager but now she's launched an internal inquiry into what happened. >> reporter: should that memo have had a different tone and information? i think that really in hindsight what we should have done is been a little bit more -- forth right. we need to use this as a lesson. if you have ever something we should investigate, give us a call. oofrnlt 20 minutes before 5:00 now, a man is caught taking videos of women in changing
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plus, what presidential hillary clinton had to say in the latest rally in our state. this morning here's your first alert. fog across the plains.
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police say mitchell mc call filmed women getting undressed at three area malls including cherry creek mall and flat iron. denver seven talked to one of the victims who helped catch the man. her mom noticed someone recording her. they arrested the 21-year old after finding more disturbing videos on his phone. >> i coul i saw the back of his phone directly peering right at me. . >> the d a's office says that mc call took a plea deal and will be sentenced in two weeks. >> today downtown denver might look like ancienn greece. they plan on delivering a ten foot tall trojan horse to the
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hillary clinton meanwhile is doing all she can to win our state. she made a stop in puebll for a voter registration rally. >> we're supposed to bring people together and unify our country and solve our problems by working together. >> right now about 33% of colorado voters are independent and they could be ultimately who decides our next president. a quarter till 5:00 now. clinton's main super pack is colorado so they pulled their last two weeks of adds. clinton is leading in our state by 11 points according to a poll. donald trump is not going to give up on our state. he will be back in colorado next week on tuesday.
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junction. a rather tight turn around but nothing we can't handle. no time to worry about last sunday's loss to the falcons. they're led by head coach joe 3 decam louse. your thursday is beautiful.
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clearing today and much warmer in fact, on trid we're talking highs near 80 degrees to end the week. satellite and radar and clear. we had a few light showers overnight across the plains and coffer this morning. that's the patchy fog. 41 in denver. quite a bit warmer, about 5-7 degrees warmer than yesterday morning with a calm wind. there's enough moisture in the at early on. as you're planning out your day, a lot warmer by 10:00. at that .58 degrees and 70 by noon and highs today in the mid to upper 70s and a lot of sunshine with that sunset tonight. clear skies overnight and a beautiful start early friday morning but it's really warm. today denver at 75 and highlands ranch 76. castle rock 71.
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upper 70s on the western slope and everybody starting to see more of a warm up across the state. some of the clouds we're getting this morning by about 10:00 to 11:00 should clear up out east. the mountains are starting off with more sunshine like they did yesterday. by this afternoon, 4:30 everyone under a mostly sunny sky. tonight it's quiet. under a clear sky early into tomorrow morning and starting off with temperatures in the upper 40s to low 50s. tomorrow we bumped up the numbers a bit more. 82 on friday to end the week. saturday and sunday still nice. mid to upper 70s both days. we'll see more cloud cover on saturday. partly cloudy skies and sunday mostly sunny and upper 70s, a warm weekend both days well above normal. next week we're tracking a storm and looks likeit's
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we bumped our numbers up on monday. we will get gusty with the next storm on the way and temperatures in the 60s. still, on this seven-day forecast as we edde closer to halloween, no snow in denver but the mountains are picking up more next week. this time yesterday morning we were dealing with hefty fog across the metro area. not nearly as bad this morning. wide open highways in both directions. taking you to the maps, the rest of green, east and westbound in the north side you're fine if you're coming into denver through thornton on u.s. 36 also down to the southeast side, 225 through aurora is looking good. one last stop, this is going to be from i-70 and i-270 where traffic is running great there too. 4:49. plenty of finance trackers on the market so which one is the best? >> find out what doctors
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bytes. samsung is giving $100 credit to any note seven owner to switch to another samsung. finance trackers work on the wrist often don't give accurate readings. the apple watch was 90% accurate. the star of some of the most popular cat void owes on the >> his owner says he knew right away. -- -- video. >> i noticed he was a super chill cat and loved being on film so i sttrted making videos. >> he says the challenge of working with prince michael is he's a cat. >> there's that. those are your tech bytes, have ? great day. two teenagers in big trouble this morning, accused
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not just for the families and for the staff that care for the patient. >> she is 90-year old polly coleman, a long time volunteer at saint joseph's hospital in denver. ?> she's been a volunteer for over two ayears which includes 17,000 hours plus of volunteer service. >> i did a lot of volunteer work in the valley.
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her family always turned to saint joe's in denver. >> it was natural to come here to volunteer. >> she's taken the rancher spirit and brought it to the work with the volunteers because she has this vigor about life and naturalness abouttlife which i think comes from those roots. >> she's a fundraiser and helped to raise money for the new hospital standing in. she's just a great person. >> i enjoy the people. there are a lot of people that are having hard times and you hope that you can put a little joy in their life. >> we have a surprise for you. denver seven and trusted choice, the independent insurance agents offcolorado would like to honor you as a seven every day hero.
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seven every day heroo possibilities. we know a lot of you have big projects coming up, we would love to here about them. go to under community. limon at this point yesterday was socked in with fog. it's not nearly as bad this morning. temperatures this morning in the 50s and an afternoon of sunshine and 70s, it looks perfect here in town. longmont a reminder. the emergency warning, the outdoor emergency warning system has been going off for an hour. might have groggy people up there. it's just a malffnction. how do the roads look? >> this is i-25 and santa fe where you can see traffic running fine this morning. we will take you along some other highways on the north
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u.s. 36 traffic is running we are all in green at i-25 and i-70 looking fine this morning. it's 457 tum tim. wells fargo in big trouble
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who says i shouldn't have a soda everyday? my doctor. my dentist. definitely my wife. wait, i know what i want. make sparkling water at home.
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our photographer on scene saw a body in the street while he was trying to gain information. as we learn more we'll pass it along. for those of you up nrt in longmont, the emergency alert system has been going off the last hour, 45 minutes to an hour. it's a malfunction and they're


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